Alviero Martini Bags

After a childbirth a young mother begins to go for a walk with her baby and very soon she realizes how many essential things she should take along. It is extremely uncomfortable to carry them in her own bag, therefore, if there were no special bags in the kit to the baby carriage, it must be acquired.

Alviero Martini Bags

The trademark Alviero Martini suggests very convenient bags for mothers in its assortment. These bags, which are also called baby changing bags, are irreplaceable for a walk with a child in the park, on a playground, for rides to the dacha or just for a visit of relatives and friends. When your child grows up a little and goes to the kindergarten or to an early childhood development center, you can carry things which will be necessary for occupations in this bag.
The bag is helpful for mothers on trips and travel with a small child. One can separately put all necessary kid`s things in it. This will help not to look for ones among your own things. Undoubtedly, one can use other options, for example, a small suitcase, a child backpack, but they all are not so convenient. And only in the special bag one can quickly and easily get a necessary toy or a kerchief.

There are pockets in baby changing bags from Alviero Martini where child pertinents lay out comfortably. There is a partition for big things. It is comfortable to put shift clothes, diapers, toys, napkins into them. There are medium pockets under a lock or a bar. Mothers can put their own papers, a passport, a purse, a telephone, and keys into them. Things removed under a lock will not be dirtied or spoiled by other objects in the bag. There are small partitions where one can keep little toys, kerchiefs, pacifiers. Everything for a child nutrition must be in a separate partition: a nursing bottle or a Sippy cup, jars with baby food, a spoon, a bib, a baby biscuit, or wafers.
It is easy to remember the location of all partitions and their contents in bags of the Alviero Martini make. Not only a mother, but a father or a nurse can find a needful thing and it will not be of any complexity for them.

Do not forget, each mother can be bored at a walk or in a long trip and then a journal, a book, or a needlework will prove useful.

The bag must be practical, made from high-quality material with reliable press-buttons, locks, and zippers. It is good if it can be cleaned in a washing-machine. It will be very helpful, if the bag instantly dries after a machine wash, and some light dirt emerged after a walk can be easily cleaned with some water and a sponge. Alviero Martini bags are sewn from natural fabrics inside (usually this is cotton) and there is polyester outside. Their color gamut is of pastel shades: white, gray, beige, ivory. Alviero Martini bags are very nice to the feel especially inside because some of them turn around into a type of a trip changing table.

Alviero Martini Bags

Buy bags of the Alviero Martini brand! They will become a reliable assistant of any mother far away from home.

Alviero Martini Tops

Textiles for children must possess quite other characteristics than the same products for adults. Of course, children can`t do without textile goods, and so parents and those who constantly are dealing with children must know details of their choice.

Alviero Martini Tops

The Italian Alviero Martini brand offers a wide assortment of tops for kids.

There are various T-shirts, shirts and bodysuit for boys and girls from birth till the age of 14. The main requirement for tops is natural fabric from which they are sewn. The addition of elastane, Lycra, and other synthetic fibers, which make an article of clothing more elastic is valid only for children`s clothes intended for kids after five years of age. Tops for kids from Alviero Martini are made from 100% cotton for the smallest ones and from the cotton with addition of elastane for elder kids. There are also linen shirts for elder kids from the Alviero Martini brand.

The color spectrum of tops from Alviero Martini is presented with pastel shades: there are white, beige, soft blue and ivory tints. One can see interesting prints depicting fragments of an ancient geographical map on many shirts and T- shirts of the Alviero Martini make. According to the rules, prints are depicted only on one side without touching the underside of clothes. These prints are a distinguishing feature of the Geo Map style. The Italian designer Alviero Martini invented this style himself. It was caused by addiction of the famous Italian to travel across the world. But there are even monochromatic things of dark tints, for example, of navy blue, in the assortment of tops from Alviero Martini.

At the choice of baby clothes, it is worth taking into consideration your child`s opinion and peculiarities. The quality of a T- shirt or a shirt does not have significance for many children. The exterior of a T-shirt or shirt interests them more. It is also worth bearing in mind for what and when the article of clothing will be put on. So if, for example, the T-shirt is used daily, one will be able to focus one’s choice on simpler models. If you want your child to go to some celebration in a shirt, a smarter model must be selected.

The T-shirt must be not only good-looking but also comfortable and safe. Therefore, it is worth taking into consideration the size of this clothing because a too small T-shirt can become the cause of some traumas. All the elements which are present on a T-shirt or a shirt as a decoration must be reliably fixed. Please note, the Alviero Martini trademark uses only necessary minimum of trimming for the tops for children.

Alviero Martini Tops

Buy clothes of the Alviero Martini make! Due to the travel motive, children like to examine map prints on T-shirts and shirts, and as a result like these clothes very much. These are very comfortable clothes, sewn from high-quality cloths in the modern Italian GiMel factory, which takes orders for manufacturing of products only from customers with a world- known name.

We wish you successful purchases!