Alviero Martini Kids

The famous creative person Alviero Martini was born in Italy; there he became an actor and was glorified in this role. In addition, Alviero was engrossed in the interior design. His first designer thing, by the way, it was a bag, however strange it is, he invented in Russia. In the eightieth years, he dealt with design of the interiors of the Brazilian embassy in Moscow. The idea to decorate an old briefcase by an old map came to him precisely there. The whole Alviero’s business is built based on this idea. By the way, business developed successfully, clothes and accessories under the Alviero Martini brand are sold worldwide. The Alviero Martini articles are unique: the pattern in form of some or other piece of a map is depicted on each of them. There is a popular belief that after a purchase of an article by Alviero Martini you will definitely visit the part of the world that is depicted on it. It is easy to verify the fact. Just acquire one of such articles of the Alviero Martini brand.

Alviero Martini
Since the recent time the Alviero Martini assortment has been completed by Alviero Martini kids` clothes, the line of clothing got the name of Alviero Martini junior. All fashion items are being manufactured at Italian factory GiMel Srl (Italy). This is already the confirmation of the unsurpassed quality of each detail in Alviero Martini kids`clothing. You will distinguish Alviero Martini baby clothes from the rest by the firm logo of the brand – the ancient map depiction of which is to some or other extent is presented on all models.

The well- known fashion house Alviero Martini suggests to dress babies in beige, light blue, white, creamy and other soft and light tints. Each model has its extraordinary part, whether unusual print or laces, a lovely collar, or exquisite buttons. All Alviero Martini kids` clothes are sewn only of high-quality textiles so that mothers can be calm for health of their beloved kids.

The range of the manufactured production impresses by its diversity where even the most censorious buyer can find a desired and beautiful clothes. The bedspreads for baby cots, caps, romper suits, cardigans, trousers, shirts, dresses, skirts, jackets are only a minimum part of clothes being sold by the make. Products of this brand are intended for the children from up to year nurslings, as well as for girls and boys from 2 to 14 years of age.

Buying clothes of Alviero Martini for your kids, you acquire stylish elegant things of a deluxe quality. Educate good taste and your children’s sense of a style since the earliest age. Thus, you create the foundation of a successful future of your children. It will only help their harmonious development. We wish you to do only necessary acquisitions!

Alviero Martini sounds like this: “Life is travelling!”

Alviero Martini is an Italian traveler and designer who distinguished himself all over the world by original travel accessories, as well as by unique clothes for children and adults. Ancient geographical maps of the world are depicted on all the articles of his brand.

Credo of the famous Italian Alviero Martini sounds like this: “Life is travelling!” The emergence of the new style became the consequence of his passion for travelling. Martini reflected this passion in his collections.
In the 1987, during his business trip to Moscow, very talented but not yet renowned Alviero bought an old geographical map. This map inspired the designer to an original idea, which gave the world fame to the brand. The designer introduced the new Geo Map style, which is transferred on his products in form of patterns depicting topographic subjects.

Just recently, the line of kids clothes Alviero Martini junior, which the Italian GiMel factory is manufacturing, has appeared in the brand assortment. Already this fact guarantees an unsurpassed quality, the diversity, elegance, uniqueness of Alviero Martini kids` models. The awareness and recognition of the make throughout the world consists in it. Models are distinguished by exclusive uniqueness of details: exquisite lace, unusual collars, fashionable and stylish buttons.

Elegance, uniqueness, diversity, and the quality of all models of Alviero Martini baby clothes and accessories create the recognition of the make. Articles of the make Alviero Martini completely justifies its bold name. Choosing Alviero Martini kids clothes and footwear, you guaranteedly get the highest-class goods. The known Italian make of Alviero Martini is a part of the good taste, high status, prosperity and luxury.

We offer you to take Alviero Martini kids` clothes as a part of personal development of your children! Buy clothes of Alviero Martini for your beloved ones. In this way, you will be able to educate good taste starting from early age. Because the assortment of Alviero Martini kids` clothes, footwear and accessories is sufficiently wide. It begins from lovely blankets for babies and ends with beautiful dresses for young women of fashion, as well as jackets and shirts for fops- beginners. Do not begrudge! The rule “to greet everyone according to one`s clothes” works even in the kids’ environment. Let your child stand out from the crowd. And here is one more idea “in favour”. Your child doesn`t like geography? Buy him (or her) Alviero Martini kids clothes. Let him (or her) study fashionable images of maps on a shirt, a dress or trousers. Not only respect to the unloved subject will appear as it is, but curiosity and interest in travelling will awake. What can be bad in the desire to see the world, to visit the place, which is indicated on a map? We see only positive tendencies for the development of your child here. So buy clothes of the well- known make Alviero Martini for your kids. We wish you successful acquisitions!