Alviero Martini Hats

The accessories for the head of a child are one of the important acquisitions, especially for babies, because a baby’s head absolutely does not have protection and, therefore, it must be protected against overcooling. It also is not worth forgetting the newborns have a very sensitive soft spot, therefore pay attention towards the seams that can be found on different types of caps. Seams must be located outside or be absent at all on the first headgear.

alviero martini hats

At present the assortment of different caps is sufficiently large for kids of different age. For the approximate severe winter, many modern manufacturers offer whole collections of various kid shawls and caps made from maximally warm materials: of yarn, fur, polyester batting, etc. Various bonnets from natural materials are offered of different density as well for daily use. There are also lace bonnets for a baptismal service and good-looking bandages for girls decorated with flowers. And the assortment of boonie hats boggles the imagination.

We offer you a wide assortment of caps, bonnets, bandannas and headbands from the well- known Alviero Martini make. Quality of this brand of a deluxe class is perfect. The make represents caps, bonnets, boonie hats protecting against the sun. Everything is sewn only from natural fabrics. All types of caps from Alviero Martini are made in pastel shades: white, beige, blue, light-brown ones. And, of course, the famous image of a geographical map of the Geo Map style invented by the known Italian couturier Alviero Martini is present on almost all the colored headgear. (It is the style that was worked out by the famous Italian because of his addiction to travel across the world and it is reflected in design of products produced in form of an ancient map of the world. We see the elements of this map even on headgear for kids. It is something unusual!)

alviero martini hats

Headgear with flat buttons or laces more preferably to choose for a tot during his or her first half year of life, at the same time it must not be strongly fixed on the head and it must not droop to the forehead. The closely gluing bonnets and hats will be necessary, when a child is learning the space and moves actively. As for elder children, the main request for a hat is that it should be transpiring and please your child. Be sure, hats from Alviero Martini are of this kind.

While purchasing do not forget about the size, it is not worth to acquire headgear for more than 3 or 4 months, because prices are acceptable and allow to please your tot with new Alviero Martini caps fairly often.
Thus the fashionable accessory for the head of your child becomes an element of the style, which can tell much about the character of a little person. We are sure you can easily find hats that fit exactly your children in the large Alviero Martini assortment. We wish you a successful shopping!