Alviero Martini Tracksuits

It is very important to correctly choose a tracksuit for a child. Because, if you buy a tracksuit which will leave feeling of discomfort at sports` exercises, will be badly ventilated, this will distract a child from sports’ trainings. It is essentially inadmissible.

Alviero Martini Tracksuits

The known trade mark Alviero Martini offers a decent range of kids` tracksuits.

The first thing at the choice of a tracksuit is its security. Fabrics for tracksuits must be hypoallergenic. Therefore, buying this article of clothing, one necessarily needs to pay attention to the fabric`s composition. Cotton is not the best option in the case of sportswear: a cotton tracksuit will wonderfully soak up moisture thus not allowing air to subsequently circulate correctly and compromising the processes of a heat exchange, which constantly occurs after physical activity.

Today there is a pile of alternative solutions from manufacturers of kids` sportswear. A tracksuit sewn only from synthetic fabric is one of such alternative solutions. The suit from synthetic material is excellently soaking up moisture without wetting at the same time. There are excellent properties allowing to miss air, contributing to the processes of a heat exchange. Due to its elastic synthetic composition the tracksuit will not stretch nor change its shape.

One can also choose both cotton and wool, but with some addition of synthetic fibres, as a fabric for a kids` tracksuit. Thus the tracksuits from Alviero Martini consist of 93% of cotton and 7% of elastin.

Besides cotton and wool, there are synthetics tracksuits from knitted fabric with addition of the same synthetics. Knitted material is soft and elastic, it is very pleasant while touching children’s skin.

As for security, one is to choose a tracksuit of a version which will prevent from penetration of dust on body and skin of a child. Tracksuits must have a certain number of elastic bands which reliably fix a tracksuit in the area of the wrists, ankles, and a child’s waist. Moreover, the presence of elastic bands will protect against a wind blow under a tracksuit in case of training in the open air, when a child’s body made warmer by physical exercises can become cold because of an entry of cold air. The majority of models of Alviero Martini tracksuits has elastic bands in all the mentioned places.

Today a lot of tracksuits are equipped by insertions from a special reflecting cloth. This is not just a fashion trend; this is a very important element of security: these insets are well seen from aside in the overcast or misty day at getting on them emitted light. There are mentioned insets on the Alviero Martini tracksuits.

Comfort is not the last criterion of tracksuits` selection. Sportswear must be moderately loose, not allowing movements hindering. Cloth must not rub during contact and squeeze the skin. You should attentively examine seams of a tracksuit. All seams must be carefully treated; threads must not stick up from them. There must be no abrasions on cloth, it must be evenly painted.

Alviero Martini Tracksuits

Buying a tracksuit for kids, you should take into consideration the opinion of your child about its style. The child will hardly feel comfortable in a neat, but not very fashionable sportswear near beautifully dressed age mates. Alviero Martini tracksuits will immediately be liked, especially, those of them on which the fragments of an ancient map are depicted. This is an element of the Geo Map style of the Italian brand. But there are also monochromatic tracksuits. The color spectrum (white, golden, navy blue, gray, ivory) will pleasantly surprise you and your kid. Successful purchase!