Alviero Martini Towels

Many parents do not understand what the difference of a child towel from an adult is. It would seem, a towel should be soft, it should absorb moisture and nothing else is necessary. But this is an erroneous opinion and there is a difference. The correctly acquired towel for a child gives a possibility to avoid numerous kids` delicate skin problems. Mothers and fathers should know, as any adult, your child must have personal hygiene products and an individual towel. Child health depends on this.


The trade mark Alviero Martini offers wonderful towels for your babies and elder children.

Before a purchase of a child towel study carefully a label or a comment on a site. If there is viscose in composition of a towel, know, moisture will poorly be soaked by it. The plant fibers will protrude as a irritant of a child’s skin. The ideal variant is a loop cotton towel. The Alviero Martini towels are made from 100% cotton.

The length of fibers on a child towel must be from 4 to 6 millimeters. Too short fluff will not allow a towel to soak up moisture, but because of a long fluff the towel will be heavy and soon it will lose its attractive visual appearance. Soft texture is achieved at the expense of special duplex terry plaiting. The Alviero Martini towels are standing out with precisely this type of terry plaiting.

Make sure the pattern on a towel is clear and bright. The well-made towel for a child must not fade during a wash. In addition, the chemical substances which are present in dyestuffs can provoke an emergence of an allergic reaction. For this reason, you should necessarily study a quality certificate and check if the towel corresponds to all norms of sanitation. Alviero Martini towels are only in light tones. And only natural dye stuff is used for their production. Interesting prints in form of an image of a geographical map can be present on them. This is the manifestation of the Geo Map style of this italian brand.

The towel for kids mustn’t have smell like chemical remedies.

Parents can choose the shape of a towel, proceeding from their own preferences. Today manufacturers of towels for children offer a fairly great range of them. One can acquire a towel with a hood with which a baby’s head and ears will be protected after taking of a bath. The towel with a corner will ideally fit for babies. And the towels from Alviero Martini are being sold together with a bag for storage.

Dear mothers and fathers, you should thoughtfully treat a choice and acquisition of a child towel because the health of your kids depends on it! And the make Alviero Martini is for your help!