Alviero Martini Suits

Suits for boys are a reduced copy of a classical suit for men. All traditional elements of this article of clothing are intrinsic to the classical suit for boys.

Alviero Martini Suits

We suggest you elegant suites of the world known trade mark Alviero Martini.

There are very practical three-piece suits represented by trousers, a jacket, and a waistcoat. One can wear a jacket in winter and put on a waistcoat on hot summer days, if some special events happen. From a perspective of comfort, a waistcoat clearly wins over a jacket. The absence of sleeves gives a boy maximum of freedom of movements, which is highly more important for a mobile child. A bright shirt and an interesting tie will make a simple image with a waistcoat more various. A classical tie can be replaced by a bow tie.

At the choice of suits for celebrations, one can opt for almost any fabrics. And for day-to-day wear it is better to draw suits of tweed, wool cloths and denims.

It is also worth being focused for certain time of the year, when the costume will be necessary. Choose thermal lined suits for cold seasons. But during active movement a child can be hot in it, especially, if a celebration takes place in well-heated premises.

It is nicer to focus on simplicity and practicality. Excessive motley effect will not give a child elegance. And multilayered clothing generally limits movements. It is worth taking into consideration the weight of a suit as well. Excessive grams will affect a child’s comfort. The Alviero Martini make offers light suits of cotton in a combination with viscose, or polyester, or elastin.

Quality of cloth and tailoring directly affects a child’s comfort and his general health. Therefore, pay attention to the quality of seams treatment.

The classical suit for boys allows the presence of soft decorative elements in form of stripes or a check. Usually such decor has a tint in a little contrast to the general color of a suit. Such a detail puts fresh notes in an overall image.
White suits, as well as ones in color of champagne and even of camels’ hair color look very elegant. The Alviero Martini brand offers white or grey suits with inclusions of ivory tint, as well as monochromatic navy blue and black suits.

Alviero Martini Suits

Choose suits of a loose fit at the choice of models for a child older than two years of age. For a completely tiny baby one can acquire a suit true to size.

A classical suit means a strict fit, a sharp line of folds on trousers, reserved colors, and minimum of trimming. In a combination with a white shirt and a traditional dark tie an appearance will look reserved. But in a combination with a bright shirt with prints and tie with depiction of a geographical map in the Geo Map style from Alviero Martini even the most formal suit will look smart.