Alviero Martini Baby Nest For Stylish Parents

In former times, all newborns at discharge from maternity clinics were wrapped in a blanket and dressed in a ribbon of a pink or a blue color – respectively to the sex of a baby. With the appearance of first baby envelopes, this solemn element of clothing was bought for one day and afterwards was transferred «for inheritance» to relatives and friends because it was too ornate and good-looking for daily use.

Nests & sleep bags

But in recent years, baby envelopes have suffered significant changes and so various forms have been acquired that they can be used with a success for walks for up to half a year and even after. We suggest you baby nests and sleep bags from the world renown trademark Alviero Martini. Their shapes and design will allow even to the most censorious parents to choose the one.


Such a type of baby envelope is a thin or heated cloth which rolls in a cone or in form of a post envelope and is attached with a hook and loop fastener or a press-button. Such option allows to use the envelope not only during walks but even covering a baby with it in a cot or in a baby carriage. The product can be made from terry, cotton, or even from satin – one is to be careful with the last fabric, because the baby wrapped in a smooth cloth can slip out of your hands. That`s why all baby nests of this type from the Alviero Martini make are sewn from fabric made of 94% of cotton and only 6% of elastane.

Alviero Martini Baby Sleeping Bag

The similar envelopes for newborns are ideal for walks on foot, going with a baby in a carriage and even on a sledge. There are summer and winter variants of sleeping bags. Due to buckles/zippers the process of baby «packing» into a sleep bag is maximally simple, but one can call a short service life the only disadvantage of sleep bags, because as soon as a baby grows up a little, the sleep bag becomes tight and inconvenient for your kid. However, sleep bags from the Alviero Martini brand can be folded out to make a soft blanket for your baby. It means you can use it just as a blanket afterwards.


This is a fairly new species representing baby’s` envelopes. The construction is equipped by a mattress which provides proper support of a tot’s back because it is very important for a newborn and it is easier to carry a little kid on hands for parents. The Alviero Martini brand has this type of baby envelopes as well.

While selecting an envelope for a newborn, you need to take into consideration the following peculiarities. Baby envelopes are selected depending on season: light fabrics are fine for summer, choose heated fleece or even sheepskin lining for baby nests or sleep bags for winter in order not freeze your tot. But now there are models which easily transform from summer into winter ones due to attachable linings. These baby nests and sleep bags are more practical.

Fabrics used for baby nests and sleep bags should be of high quality, natural, transpiring, without artificial dyestuffs. Not lower consideration must be given to the quality of buckles. The internal seams must be smooth or hidden. The trimming should be safe and well sewn down.

Nests & sleep bags

The choice of a baby nest or a sleep bag is a fairly complex matter because one can be lost very easily in the existing variety. The comfort and quality should be the first selection criterion, so that the purchase would bring pleasure and joy not only to parents, but to a baby as well. If the quality is decent, then you can consider beauty and price of the article. This type of articles from the Alviero Martini brand is of great quality. Colors of baby nests and sleep bags are calm: white, ivory, creamy, gray. There are interesting not bright prints in form of ancient maps on some baby nests or sleep bags from the Alviero Martini trademark. It is unusual for this type of closing, but it is a distinguishing feature of the Geo Map style of the brand.

Dear parents, buy baby nests and sleep bags from the Alviero Martini brand! It is a real stuff!