Alviero Martini Leggings

Leggings for girls are at the peak of popularity now. You can buy them online at the Alviero Martini brand.
Appeared in the market in the middle of 80s, leggings visually remind of fairly thick tights, but are not covering a child’s foot. As a rule, leggings for girls do not have pockets and closings. Based on the up-to-date manufacturing technologies, leggings for girls are made from diverse fabrics with obligatory addition of Lycra or a small amount of other synthetic fibers allowing to achieve elasticity and high consumer attributes (such clothing is washed well, quickly dries and has a high percentage of resistance to wear and tear).


Choosing leggings for your child, it is worth paying attention to one important nuance: you will not most probably meet leggings for children made by 100 % from natural fabrics. Therefore, it is desirable to follow the next rule: the younger the child is, the smaller per cent of artificial fibers must belong to his or her clothes, inter alia, to leggings. Of course, a per cent of resistance to wear of this type of leggings is significantly lower, but they will not do harm to the health of your kid.

Leggings went into the range of clothes for kids and became its integral part long ago.

Leggings for children are distinguished from their «adult cousins» by a rich various color palette and the widest line assortment. For example, the Alviero Martini brand offers interesting colors with prints in form of a geographical map. This style received the name of Geo Map and was invented by an Italian designer Alviero Martini himself.
It is worth paying attention, choosing leggings for a child, to not only exterior of clothes, but to some features which able to make a process of wear much more comfortable.

In the first place, choosing kids` leggings, you should pay attention to the width and convenience of the used elastic band: a good, «correct» elastic band, which do not cause discomfort to a child, must be wide and sufficiently thick. While using of a narrow elastic band there is a big probability that your child will feel uncomfortable because the band «bites» a child’s delicate body. In addition, it is desirable that leggings have neat seams of identical thickness in different areas. In the ideal situation, leggings must have a neat flat seam significantly reducing danger to accidentally rub a child’s skin. Alviero Martini leggings have only “correct” elastic band.


It is recommended to wear leggings with short skirts, dresses or tunics. At the same time, leggings must not go on a color conflict with the rest of kids` clothes. But it is worth paying attention that, if a bright decorative element is present on child’s clothes, leggings should have the same solution. Choosing this type of clothes for your daughter, you can focus the choice on monochromatic mat or glossy patterns of saturated or pastel shades (this is the main color range of the Alviero Martini brand), in addition, one can acquire patterns with a bright floral or geometrical ornament (in this case it is required that a dress or a tunic should not be filled with bright decorative elements).
Without difficulty you will choose lovely and practical leggings for your child amid the large assortment from the Alviero Martini brand! Good luck!